We need a website developer to write for Medina

Posted November 17, 2018 10:57:50When Medina, the makers of popular games like Terraria and Terraria: The Curse of the Werebeast, decided to take a break from releasing their games, they did so without the help of an experienced website developer.

The company has struggled to get its game in front of players, with its most recent launch on Steam crashing due to technical issues.

The developer said in a statement that it “couldn’t find a developer to provide the kind of help needed” to get their game to players.

Medina’s move to hire a website designer is a sign of hope that the company is on the right path and that it will soon be able to produce the same kind of quality games for the public that they have been able to do.

But the fact that Medina is hiring a website builder who doesn’t have a degree in computer science or the art of building websites is worrisome.

And Medina said in their statement that they are “still evaluating” the hiring of a third party developer.

“The company is still considering the best way to proceed, and is currently evaluating other options, such as a third-party development service,” the company said.

The move could indicate that the team is moving away from its own web development platform, or that the site is being moved to a third person to work on it.

But we don’t know yet, and Medina did not respond to a request for comment.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for Medinas decision.

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