What’s on your phone or tablet right now?

You can expect to see some major changes in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

In addition to the usual update of all the apps, the new features are expected to include:New emoji are coming, and they’re not just in the form of the “snowflake” and “silly” ones, either.

You’ll be able to say “hello” with an emoticon that looks like a snowflake and has a face.

The emojis are expected on most phones, and in the future we might see some more subtle variations in the emojines.

The next big change is Google Assistant, which will be getting a major makeover, as well as new APIs to let developers integrate it into their own apps.

It’s unclear what the next major API is going to be, but it will be interesting to see how the new APIs evolve in the months to come.

Other new features for Lollipop include new notification options and the addition of a new “Scheduled” setting toggles between two different kinds of notifications.

The app notifications will show up at the top of the screen, and the calendar will show the date and time that the notification was sent, as long as the calendar is open.

Google Assistant will also be getting new features to help make it easier to find what you need on the web and get the information you need.

It’s also expected that we’ll get more “smart” features to make it even easier for people to control and manage their devices, such as better battery life.

Lollipop will also introduce a new voice command, allowing users to control apps by speaking to them with their voice.

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