‘No more’ for Sarasota’s faltering ‘sarcasm’ blog

A Sarasota blog, “sarcasolts” which has a website, has shut down after a two-year run.

The Sarasota Times reports that the Sarasota-based blog, which has more than 3,600 followers, is closing down its website.

It was founded in 2015 by two former employees of the Sarasotanas website, but had not been updated in more than a year.

The blog has also featured some of the city’s most popular residents, including singer Jasey Harriss and longtime political activist James McLean.

The site was launched by Harrisson, who is married to Sarasota Mayor Chris McLean, and McLean’s brother, James.

Harrison, a Sarasota native, is a Sarasotans resident on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Economic Education and a Sarasotte native.

She was a co-host of the local radio show “The Voice of Sarasota” for many years, and also worked for a number of local radio stations, including WTKR-FM and WVIT-FM.

She is also a vocal supporter of local candidates, and is a frequent contributor to local newspapers.

She also serves on the Sarasottas city council.

The “saracots” site also featured an article about a man who was attacked by a woman, and the article was subsequently removed.

The article was shared thousands of times and included several racist comments.

The man, who was white, was identified by McLean as a “femme fatale.”

The woman, who allegedly called McLean a “bitch,” was also identified as a femme fatalfame.

The women attack on the man, and subsequent removal of the article, was later reported on the blog.

“The fact that there is a blog on which people can express themselves on issues is not to be taken lightly,” the site wrote in a statement, in part.

“We’re here to have a productive dialogue with our community.”

The Sarasottans website, and other Sarasotas blogs, have also featured content that has caused some local residents to distance themselves from them.

Last week, a group of Sarasotana residents launched a website called “Sarasotans Voices” that is dedicated to educating residents on the issues that they feel need to be addressed, including the city council’s recent vote to ban alcohol in the city.

The group has also worked to pass a resolution in favor of a referendum on a city ballot in 2017 to legalize marijuana, and has also supported initiatives to raise taxes on businesses.

“Saraoticans Voices,” and the Sarasots “salt & pepper” business, have faced criticism over the past two years, with many Sarasottanans criticizing the businesses, particularly for catering to alcoholics and people with disabilities.

The business has also been criticized for not advertising in Sarasota, a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, and a city that has a high rate of homelessness.

The businesses have also faced criticism for their use of profanity and imagery, including photos of people smoking a pipe and women dressed in revealing clothing.

Last year, the Sarasoticans site was shut down by its owner, which did not return calls for comment.

The owners of “saranotas voice” and the “sarsacots voice” businesses were not immediately available for comment on Monday.

“As we have continued to grow as a community and grow in our community, our website and community have grown as well.

While we are always open to constructive feedback, we have decided to move on to a new life and will no longer be actively engaged with Sarasota.

We hope our readers will continue to have fun and welcome our continued growth,” the owners of the website and businesses wrote in the statement.

“For more information on the closure of the blog, please email us at [email protected] and we will update you with more information.”

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